Coaching Services

A direct, goal-oriented approach to helping you identify barriers, confront problems, and develop skills to overcome those obstacles.
As a clinical social worker for 18 years, I’ve developed a special approach to guiding clients from where they are to where they want to be. Sometimes people are mentally stuck, where they’re constantly focusing on old mistakes and find it difficult to look ahead. My coaching services help clients take an intentional look at their past, analyze its impact on the present, and build goals for the future. My guided approach helps individuals identify roadblocks and develop solutions. 

If you are ready to let go of those barriers and embrace the new you with confidence, then these one-on-one coaching services are for you. Just as with my therapy service, all communication discussed during coaching sessions remains confidential and judgment-free.

How it Works

In our Coaching sessions, I allow you to curate your goals while helping you find the barriers. This can include identifying emotional limitations, underlying reasons for procrastination, and analyzing variables that paralyze progression! Together, we will come up with a plan, identify action steps, and establish accountability!

My service is designed for clients to receive coaching with a timeline and weekly intervals that we can discuss and curate based on the need.

Coaching areas include:


Self-love & Self-Esteem

Starting a new business

Empowered Parenting

Enhanced self love and boundary setting

Metaphysical (Crystal healing, spiritual guidance, etc.)

Puerto Rico Retreat (TBD)
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Don’t let fear of finances stop you. I believe that coaching should be accessible and affordable for everyone. I’ll work with you to customize a coaching service that fits your budget.