You might be wondering, what is meditation! Maybe you’ve heard of meditation but never used it before! Well fear not, I like to think of meditation in a simple way, and that is, Prayer is talking to God, Meditation is when you are listening to God.  It’s the practice of silencing the mind, to tune out the noise, tapping out of the busy world to tap into your inner world.  This is where you find peace and sometimes even answers to questions.  There are many types of meditation including mindfulness, body scan, loving-kindness, walking, Zen, mantra, and transcendental meditations. The act of meditation and mindfulness is for everyone, and in the beginning, it might feel like you’re having a hard time to quiet the mind, you think about many things or worry about the bills! But guess what, you don’t have to stay focused on the thought, you can give yourself permission to silence your mind again.  Let’s try it together.  I offer 15 mins and 30 min guided sessions.  I will be with on your journey.