Experience trans formative healing and growth through our comprehensive range of services.

Individual Therapy

Receive the treatment you need, from the comfort of your home. Being able to provide support in your comfort zone helps you to let down walls and be yourself. My goal is to meet you where you are, how you are.


You might be wondering, what is meditation! Maybe you've heard of meditation but never used it before! Well fear not, I like to think of meditation in a simple way, and that is, Prayer is talking to God, Meditation is when you are listening to God.

Coaching Services

If we are born into a healthy family with healthy relationships, we are likely to learn how to maintain healthy relationships. If we are born into a dysfunctional family that struggles to connect, we may also struggle to connect with others. When things get challenging, it’s ok to ask for some help.

Family Therapy

Experience relief and support in managing chronic pain through a comprehensive approach. Ava combines motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and meditation techniques to help alleviate pain and improve overall well-being.